Friday, June 17, 2011

first day on the job

well, it would seem i'm facsinated with how unprecious the art looks when not hung, and merely bubble wrapped and laid out to see....

some more installation photos.  everyone seems very calm, considering we're less than a week away from the opening!

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il me semble que je suis fasciné avec toutes les pièces hors de leur contexte d'exhibition.  Ça me plaît de voir toutes les oeuvres en emballages et à terre attendant à être pendues et installer.

voici d'autres photos d'installation.  tout le monde est très calme, malgré le vernissage dans moins qu'une semaine!

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Anthony Kiendel and Joanne Bristol    working hard....
(this is the café in the gallery.  the café has its own designer that changes the decor along with the exhibition.  (the breadboards, or spankers, as we called them are no longer there!)

Sigrid Dahle shows me archival photographs compared to Guy Maddin stills, she believes inspired him.

Antoine de Galbert of La Maison Rouge has a large collection permanantly displayed of various First Nation headresses. 

I was most stuck by the crow Kent Monkman's installation while at the Plug In.  Something pleasing when seeing it here, "corbeau" at floor level.

Sarah Anne Johnson sculptures

Jackson Beardy, Carl Ray

Antoine de Galbert (standing)

More screens for Guy!

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